Welcome to the RK Sports Media web portfolio.

Enjoy the photos and videos posted on this website.  Some are free for downloading and sharing, while others are available for purchase.  Please note that these photos/videos are not to be used for commercial purposes (advertising, etc.) without prior approval.  

My name is Rob Kramer.  I have been shooting sports in the Hampton Roads area since 2005.  I started this web portfolio with the goal of boosting player, team, and parent morale.  As a secondary benefit, many of these photos/videos ended up being used as training aids by the team's coaching staff.

My work has been well received, resulting in additional commissioned assignments from parents, coaches, faculty, event organizers, and facility directors.  

Consider me for all of your action-based photography and videography needs, whether it's Recreational and Club leagues, Middle and High School teams, all the way up through Collegiate athletics.

Contact me to discuss availability, packages, and pricing If you see me at an event, come and talk to me as there is a good chance that I will be able to add your team/player to my shot list.

Additionally, you can check my Events page to see what events I may already have on my schedule.

Visit my Pricing page for a general breakdown of services, costs, and options.

Thank you for your support.

Rob Kramer


(757) 349-6679  (text or voice)

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