The team and Individual photoshoot is scheduled for Dec 1 (Wednesday) and Dec 2 (Thursday).   Any volunteers willing to help me with poses and team set up would be greatly appreciated.  Hopefully, we can get through all the photography early in the practice session.  Also of note; my intent is to shoot some poses with the helmet off (to better see the face), so think about any hair issues going into the shoot. 

I plan to shoot everybody, however, registration is required for me to edit and process the individual player pictures.  Click the PROWL graphic below to register your player.  The registration will allow me to create a link for you to access the online gallery.   I hope to have photos available for everybody who registered by the weekend.

After registration, you will be redirected back to this webpage.  The registration form is for a single player.  If you have additional player(s) to be photographed, please submit additional forms.

Shortly after the photoshoot you will receive a link to the Prowl photo catalog, where individual and team photos will be available for viewing and purchase. 

Sample of this season's photo arrangement below.

Untitled photo
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